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Course Aim

Following no less than 500 Logged rope access hours as a level 2, an operator may apply for a level 3 assessment.

Operatives at the completion of a successful level 3 assessment  may run projects including those on sites classified as ‘Advanced.’

This operative is versed in not only technical skills but additionally in administrative type controls and requirements for health and safety.

The Level 3 is currently the highest level operator assessed  in ARAA and results in opening a worker to higher level skills in the vertical and horizontal planes, rescue and mechanical advantage.

Target Audience

  1. For operator(s) / companies who requires to use rope access method as a means of access to perform their tasks.
  2. For operator who wish to upgrade themselves and/or operational needs for an advance rope skill operator to be on site.

Assumed Skills & Knowledge

  1.  The Learner is recommended to have at least WSQ ESS Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 4 and above or equivalent. Basic knowledge workplace safety, processes, procedures, practices and activities.
  2. 500 hours and 6 months of documented industrial rope access experience as a Level I Technician or equivalent.

Class Ratio

8 Participants (min 2)

Course Duration

6 Days / 48 hours (Including 1-day independent assessment)

What next

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