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BMS offers a range of façade & window cleaning services, including, contract window cleaning, glass remediation and builder's cleans. We have a wide range of specialist cleaning equipment and can access the most challenging window surfaces. Quality, Service, Safety, and a respect for building tenants support our service delivery, ensuring client satisfaction every time.

Mobile Access — Metal Scaffolding or Aluminium Tower Scaffolding

Scaffold normally use as temporary working platform for various job. Regulation 5 of the Workplace Safety and Health (Scaffolds) Regulation stipulates that no scaffold shall be erected, installed, re-positioned, altered or dismantled except by an Approve Scaffold Contractor.

In year 2011, BMS has the approval to be an “Approved ” Scaffold Contractor” from the Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health.

Power Access — Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs)

We have own full range of Telescopic or Articulating with jib Boom Lift & Scissors Lift for our high elevation cleaning job, all our cleaning specialist are trained and certify to operate our Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).

Suspended Access — BMUs & Temporary or Portable Gondola

In year 2011, BMS also has the approval to be an ” Approved Scaffold (Suspended Scaffold) Contractor” from the Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health. And all our cleaning specialist are trained & certify as “suspended Scaffold” Rigger or supervisor, its means we can install, re-positioned, altered or dismantled the portable gondola by our cleaning specialist’s that were train & certify.

Industrial Rope Access System

Where height or difficult access presents a problems rope access can often prove to be perfect solution. Rope Access is a method of achieving a safe work position whilst working at height or working in or around areas with difficult access.

Rope Access was initially developed from techniques used in caving and adapted for the use of simple, safe and adaptable means of access whilst working from high level window and facade cleaning, maintenance, installations, swift access to remote locations and inspection work, Rope access is now a popular Industry standard solution and has been used on some of the world’s most iconic structures.


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