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Anchorage system / Lifeline System

Our services cover Design, Engineering, manufacturing, installation, inspection and end-user demonstration.

We provide a wide range of professional equipment related to work at height and safety

Our Activities

  • Design, manufacturing and Installation of fall arrest system
  • Design, manufacturing and Installation of abseiling system
  • Design, manufacturing and Installation of temporary lifelines or permanent lifeline (horizontal, vertical, overhang)
  • Design, manufacturing and Installation of anchorage system
  • Height and special access specialist
  • Rope Access Work

Guard Rail







EN 795 Type A Anchor (Distributor)


This anchor has passed the corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres — salt spray tests, according EN ISO 9227:2012. It is also tested for 2 users to be attached at any one time (type A) according EN 795:2012 + CEN/TS 16415:2013 (removable devices). It is also tested for use with safety lanyards with a ±15° deviation to the maximum roof slope direction or vertical wall direction.

Before installation make sure that roof has the proper load-bearing capacity.

Fasten the eye on the substrate following the roof safety layout design.

Fill the ID system sign with installation date, batch number and put the access system sign.


Stainless steel X5CrNi 18-10 (A2) according EN ISO 10088-2:2014

Building Materials

Concrete walls and sloped slabs
Masonry walls


Useful for: Point anchor system (type A) as anti-pendulum point

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