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Course Overview

This course is designed to train confined rescuer to be competence on carrying out his/her appointment & duties as a confined space rescuer for confined space operations. It is also addressed to the local legislative requirement under the following;

  1. WSH (Confined Space) Regulation 2009
  2. Singapore Standard (SS) 568 – 2011
  3. Technical Advisory on working in confined space

Target Audience

Confined Space Rescuer

Learning Objective

  • Understand the legal requirement for confined space operations as an appointed confined space rescuer
  • Understand his/her duties as a appointed confined space rescuer
  • Be able to communicate effectively with the confined space team
  • Be able to use specialised equipment for rescue (B.A / Lifting & Lowering devices)
  • Be able to package the casualty in a stretcher
  • Be able to conduct rescue in vertical & horizontal type of confined spaces

Assumed Skills & Knowledge

Participants attending this course shall meet & fulfill the following;

  • Min. WSQ perform work in confined space operations
  • Work at height course for worker or higher
  • Recommended Workplace, Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) level 4 and above;
  • Physically fit

Delivery Method

  • Classroom delivery – theory
  • Role play (PTW)
  • Practical delivery – hands on

Class Ratio

1 Facilitator to 8 Learners (min 4)

Course Duration

2 days – 20hrs (including assessment 1hr)

Assessment Method

Competency based –

  • Theory Test (MCQ) – 20 questions
  • Continual assessment by trainer

What next

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